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Our promise: A Great Cup of Tea.

Our Guarantee: Quality of "More Than Just Tea".

Our Mission: Each of our products is hand-crafted and made from the heart.

ChaPlus is an Asian Beverage Cafe that specializes in authentic bubble tea drinks with the highest quality of ingredients and fresh fruits. We are also known for traditional Hong Kong-style Bubble Waffles that are made to order. We are more than just tea; with offerings prepared with love - from the heart.

Our love for innovation led to our constant longing for fresh inspiration and use of unique technology. Our respect for the highest quality of ingredients results in a cup of fruit tea containing pure Taiwanese genes and a blend of the world’s raw materials and technology. This union of values formulates a genuine team behind the brand, who puts their heart into everything they touch; from the moment the ingredients are picked from the Earth, until it lands in the hands of tea drinkers.

The brand ChaPlus was created to raise public awareness of quality beverages; not just on the ingredients but also educating individuals about the way of drinking tea. ChaPlus aims to share our passion for aromatic and delicious drinks.

At ChaPlus, our focus is to deliver quality ingredients in innovative ways. Our process starts from selecting the freshest fruits and the most aromatic teas.

We maintain control over the entire process to ensure consistency and quality in every cup we serve. We take pride in only using the best quality tea leaves and freshest fruits, hand-picked right from the farmlands.

Our selection ranges from classic favorites to new bold tastes. Drawing on our experiences overseas, we strive to bring about the freshest of ingredients in unique combinations. This can be seen throughout our products offerings.

Our diverse menu will delight end to end from milk tea to fresh fruit, hot or cold, shaken or stirred, creamy or icy, or bubbly to at. We're "More Than Just Tea". Whatever you are in the mood for, please come experience for yourself the difference that we bring!

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